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Welcome to the TokyoRE.net Real Estate Portal!

TokyoRE.net is a Tokyo real estate portal operated by Bobby Dozier, a real estate consultant (and licensed associate in the state of Oklahoma) with PLATINUM Ltd, a Tokyo-based real estate brokerage and consultancy. We provide real estate consulting for expatriates in a wide variety of sectors:

  • Residential: Be it for leasing, for those intending to take up residence in Tokyo (or those already here who wish to change residence)  or purchase and sales.
  • Commercial: Offices, other commercial properties such as restaurants, bars, clubs, fitness clubs, cafes and retail shops
  • Investment opportunities including access to a portfolio of distressed properties, principally commercial buildings; as well as residential condos.

Central Tokyo at NightWe provide within this website, a wealth of Japan-related information, including guidance to schools and neighborhoods, houses of worship, entertainment choices, and much more. This info is provided for the benefit of expatriate transferees who are taking up assignment in Japan and searching for a Tokyo residence (house or an apartment). If your company does not provide orientation services we can also provide this on a case-by-case basis, I have a wealth of experience, traveling to many parts of Metro Tokyo including Yokohama and can provide information on international schools, places to shop, dining, and entertainment. I will be happy to give you my opinion on best neighborhood choices taking into account a number of variable.

Japan currently has great opportunities for investors looking to diversify real estate portfolios as there are a number of distressed properties which are now available to those high-wealth individuals and organizations that have access to cash and/or are able to get financing. Most of these distressed office buildings and residential properties are “off market”, i.e. the info for these will never reach the public. We have access to some attractive ones due to our relationships with lenders, owners, asset managers and brokers. A large part of what we do is due diligence and consultancy for our clients seeking said opportunities.

Kindly navigate to the other pages for more info about various areas of Tokyo real estate including Tokyo land, appraisals, Tokyo MLS, Tokyo realtors, Tokyo listings, and more.